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After-finishing workshop is Tonghui’s key workshop, which also is Tonghui’s meticulously sample workshop. After-finishing workshop should be refined basic management; standardized safety management; sequencing in workshop production management; sunlight and harmonized of workshop team; stylized and neat in workshop environment. At the same time, napping, lustring, pharmacology and shearing process should be clean and efficient, so that become Tonghui’s star workshop.
Shaping workshop: on the management. Specifications of quality: make quality management standardized. Strictly self-check according to the standards at any time during the process, which can ensure products quality; at the same time regular maintenance the equipments, which can ensure the equipments are running in the optimal state.
Printing and dyeing workshop is Tonghui’s main workshop. Executive standards are according to the Production Field Management Program. Which strictly control the personnel factors, technological factors, equipment factors, and environmental factors etc.; at the same time, it implementing in the production process: before production, various varieties have corresponding identification process. We adhere to the principle of "technology first, production second”, which make the products in the optimal quality state in the printing and dyeing workshop.
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