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Changshu Tonghui Weaving (Printing& Dyeing) Co., LTD.,;Changshu Huayi Weaving Co., LTD. are vice President Units of China knitting industry association branch; are vice President Units of MeiLi warp knitting dyeing and printing association, where is China's famous town of the warp knitting; integrated in weaving, printing and dyeing, textile as one-stop production enterprises. The companies are located in TongGang industrial park, MeiLi town, Changshu city. They cover an area of 40000 square meters, construction area is 58000 square meters; they are one of Wal-Mart's designated factory.
Expertise casting characteristic, we formed a team and then settled up the company in 2011. Till now, we have the most front-end equipments of fabric weaving, dyeing and finishing at home and abroad. We can produce all kinds of knitting fabric, soft velvet, new coral fleece, flannel, super soft, spandex velvet, polar fleece, burnt-out fabric, antistatic, special function such as flame retardant etc, which are more than ten kinds of best-selling products.
The company will be adhering to the "go through and benefit the entire world" as enterprise idea to do a good job in the new normal development of the enterprise. With a high starting point, high standard, high service and quality to achieve customers’ requirements; with humanity, science, total involvement management to improve work efficiency; Company is in the leading position in the new market competition by good faith and practical development of the products. We have dozens of long-term strategic partnership companies both at home and abroad. We also provide suitable employment platform for the dream-seekers who have left their native place.
Innovation, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency is the company's sustainable development's responsibility and moral duty. Through the technical renovation to protect Changshu red tourism ecological, civilized construction, save production cost; the addition of new customers, industry support, help and trust, which lead the company to further and wider market development.
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Changshu Tonghui knitting Co.,Ltd.
ADD: No.99 Xiabei Road, Tonggang Industrial Park, Meili Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province
Changshu Huayi knitting co.,Ltd.
ADD: No.6 Kangzhuang Road, Meili Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province
TEL:086-0512-52609627    MANAGER
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